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        Meet Tru Kids.

        We’re the proud parent of beloved brands.


        Established 1948

        Geoffrey the Giraffe

        Established 1965

        Established 1996

        Star Brands

        Our star brands are globally-recognized household names.

        Star Brand


        The Champions of Play

        Toys“R”Us is a star brand in the Tru Kids family. For over 70 years, Toys“R”Us has celebrated the joys of childhood with kids of all ages.

        Star Brand


        Trusted Resource for Families

        Babies“R”Us is a star brand in the Tru Kids family. For over 30 years, it has been known for its knowledge of families and keeping baby happy and healthy.

        Star Brand

        Geoffrey the Giraffe

        Our Beloved Mascot

        Geoffrey is a star in the Tru Kids family. He’s been a beloved mascot for over 50 years. Adored around the world, he invites kids of all ages to play and have fun.

        Consumer Brands

        Our consumer brands include many kids-and-parent-focused products.

        • Plush wildlife from around the world for little ones to find their new best furry friend.

        • From prehistoric animals to mythical creatures, Animal Zone toys let kids discover the planet and have untamed fun.

        • Avigo brings hours of outdoor fun to every kind of rider, from first timers to full-fledged daredevils.

        • Delight little ones with Bruin toys that keep them laughing and learning about colors, shapes, and sounds.

        • Little ones transform into princesses, ballerinas, and more so they can explore their imagination and build confidence.

        • Engage kids in discovery and learning with a full range of STEM-focused microscopes, telescopes, and lab kits.

        • Land, air, and sea vehicles that let kids sit in the driver’s seat and feel the thrill of being in control.

        • Play pretend with durable, timeless toys designed to give kids true freedom and explore infinite possibilities.

        • Engage and entertain children while building confidence in their ability to complete everyday tasks.

        • Watch ’em build independence, construct confidence, and have a blast with Just Like Home Workshop toys.


        • Fashionable dolls that help teach confidence, sharing, and self-acceptance to young girls everywhere.


        • Timeless, high-quality baby essentials that provide parents with a one-stop-shop they can rely on.

        • Wholesome, value-priced family games and entertainment for kids from three to 100.

        • Cool down on hot days with water toys, beach necessities, and bubble fun and enjoy outside all summer long.

        • Toys that help develop balance, teamwork, critical thinking, and fine motor skills while getting kids outdoors.

        • Kits and sets that let kids make friendship bracelets and find their inner fashionista.

        • Toys made for anyone who wants to save the day from villains and dangerous situations.?

        • Dolls that help develop positive self-expression, empathy, and the reward of loving and caring for others.



        Year Established




        Branded Stores


        Years Heritage

        We’re the new kids.

        But we also build upon 70 years of history.


        Our leadership team has decades of experience as brand operators.

        President & CEO

        Richard Barry

        Vice Chairman

        Yehuda Shmidman

        CFO & Treasurer

        Matt Finigan

        EVP, Global Licensing & General Counsel

        James Young

        Chief Human Resources Officer

        Kara Ekert Sabino

        SVP, “R” Consumer Brands

        Jean-Daniel Gatignol

        Deputy General Counsel & Secretary

        Jason M. Barr

        VP, Store Design & Compliance Management

        Simon Cartey

        Executive Director, Wholesale Operations

        Mary Cacciacarne

        Executive Director, Trend & Partner Management

        Rich Ryan

        Executive Director, “R” Consumer Brands

        Elizabeth Meleas

        Executive Director, Marketing & Digital

        Gary Haas

        Assistant Controller

        Diane Schwarz

        Executive Director, Tax

        Michael Burke


        Read new articles and press below. For fact sheet and interview requests, contact us.

        18 Jul 2019

        Tru Kids Brands? Bringing Toys“R”Us? Stores Back to the United States

        Tru Kids partnering with b8ta to bring reimagined Toys“R”Us stores to U.S. kids and families; will apply b8ta’s experiential retail model to create a playful in-store...

        05 Jun 2019

        Iconic Toys“R”Us? and Babies“R”Us? Brands Return to Australia and Launch in New Zealand, Heralding an Exciting New Era in Play Experiences

        Tru Kids Inc, the US-based parent company of Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us, and Hobby Warehouse Pty Ltd in Australia today announced an exclusive licensing agreement which will...

        11 Feb 2019

        Toys“R”Us Emerges with New Vision, Team & Global Strategy

        PARSIPPANY, N.J., Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Toys“R”Us? has officially emerged as a new company, with new leadership and a new vision to deliver the magic...